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Benefits of Pink Taxi

Congresses and events

Pink Taxi can also provide services for important congress events and other mass events that require this type of service and a high level of representation.

Ride to the Belgrade Airport

One of the benefits of Pink Taxi is scheduling rides to the airport or out of town, including the option of choosing larger or better vehicles, as well as air-conditioned vehicles.

Renting vehicles with drivers for weddings or other events

Pink Taxi guarantees a comfortable and safe ride in a good vehicle with a discreet driver who will be your personal chauffeur during a wedding or other type of event. The price of the service depends on the duration and type of event. Contact our Info Centre for more information.

Tourist sightseeing of Belgrade

The Assembly of the City of Belgrade and the Tourist Organization of Belgrade have organized a pilot project for training a number of taxi drivers to complete examinations and acquire the title of “Tourist taxi driver of the city of Belgrade”. Pink Taxi was the first company to join the program, with 450 drivers currently holding the diploma and title of “Tourist taxi driver of the city of Belgrade”.

Cashless payments through taxi slips

We offer cooperation to companies requiring continuous transportation services. By signing an agreement you gain access to continuous transport services, every day, 24 hours per day. If you are interested in account-based payments, you can download and review a copy of the contract for services based on taxi slips, provided below. Our company has been providing this form of cashless payment for taxi fares for years, and that we have established successful cooperation with a number of renowned companies.

Download the agreement

Luxury vehicles

Pink Taxi can meet all your needs for luxury cars with drivers, in a reliable, comfortable and highly affordable manner, far more efficient than purchasing a new vehicle or rent-a-car services.


Voucher-based payments provide for delayed payment, and depending on the type, scope, duration or timeframe of the service provided, you can make use of considerable discounts.

Card payments

Clients can now pay the fare using VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, or DINA CARD payment cards. Although other taxi associations have previously attempted to introduce this innovative method of payment in our country, there were many complaints by customers about frequent cases of missing payment terminals in vehicles, or of transactions being “unsuccessful” where the terminal is showing the transaction as unsuccessful, while the money is nevertheless drawn from the account. There are no such problems with the PINK TAXI association, nor were there any complaints lodged in this regard, says the Secretariat for Inspections of the City of Belgrade.

Price List


RSD 65/km

start RSD 170


from 6:00 to 22:00

Sunday and holidays

outside the territory of Belgrade

hour of waiting

RSD 750


RSD 85/km

start RSD 170


from 22:00 to 06:00

Sunday and holidays

outside the territory of Belgrade

hour of waiting

RSD 750


RSD 130/km

start RSD 170


from 00:00 to 24:00

Sunday and holidays

outside the territory of Belgrade

hour of waiting

RSD 750

Fare calculator

About Us

Pink Taxi has been established on 1 December 1994 in Belgrade. Pink Taxi is both an innovator and follower of the latest trends in taxi transport, as reflected in the constant improvement of its services.

Pink Taxi has been on an upward trajectory ever since its inception, both through its increasing number of vehicles and increasing quality of taxi transport services, as evidenced by our faithful customers and millions of transported citizens.

All vehicles in the Pink Taxi network are equipped with a radio station, and the average time of arrival, depending on weather, is 3-5 minutes. Pink Taxi is one of the most desirable companies for taxi drivers to work in, as well as one of the most recognizable companies.

Numbers Are Important


The Pink Taxi association has been working continually for a full 24 years


We have over 5 million satisfied clients


We have signed contracts with over 60 companies


The Pink Taxi association has as many as 1600 taxi drivers


The official regulation on taxi transport does not contain precise provisions on charging for the above, and allows charging extra for these services. The practice in Pink Taxi is the same as in most companies and associations, i.e. the amount of charge for the transport of the above items is always agreed upon before the ride start. In any case, the price for transporting luggage, technical items, or pets is the lowest possible and the most favourable.

Luggage from these destinations is not charged for, either for rides ordered by telephone, nor when directly stopping a vehicle on the street.

Pink Taxi provides the service of towing vehicles using a cable or rigid bar. When towing vehicles care must always be given to ensuring respect for all conditions prescribed by law and maximum attention for the safety of those being towed and other participants in traffic. The price is agreed with the taxi driver, taking everything into consideration (towing distance, state of the towed vehicle, etc.). If towing by cable or rigid bar is assessed to be unsafe or impossible, Pink Taxi will recommend other forms of towing for its clients.

If the ride stops before reaching the destination desired by the customer, and the early stop is due to a malfunction of the taxi vehicle or a similar cause, the customer pays for the fare indicated by the taxi meter, reduced by the start price and reduced by a discount if the ride was ordered by telephone.


Beo Rent-a-car

Beo Rent-a-car Beo Rent A Car Belgrade currently has a fleet of luxury cars, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Corolla and Skoda Rapid, equipped according to the latest standards. All our vehicles are rented with full equipment and high comfort levels. Regarding reservations and handover of vehicles – you can rely on our flexibility and efforts to adapt to your needs.

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Gradski vozači

If you take your car to a party and have too much to drink to drive your car safely home, or enough to receive a ticket and injunction because of driving under the influence of alcohol – we can help! In rain or snow, sun or frost, all you need to do is call our telephone number, and our driver will come to you as soon as possible, and safely, quickly and efficiently drive you to any destination in YOUR car.

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